Stronger Together,

Moving Milton Forward

Vision for MPS

I have been privileged to learn from great teachers and mentors who have instilled in me the core values of equity, excellence, access, and justice. Everything I do is guided by these values and my vision of a world, nation, and community where they are real for everybody. Here in our uniquely diverse community of Milton, we have an opportunity to invest in true equity and inclusion, which will strengthen excellence for each and every student in our schools. Informed by nearly two decades of experience as an educator and leader, I am running for School Committee to help build on Milton's strengths, address our challenges, and meet this moment for all our children. 


The next few years present once-in-a-generation opportunities for Milton Public Schools. How can our schools come back from the crisis of this past year’s pandemic even stronger? How will we deliver a positive learning environment for every student in every classroom every day? How will we execute a sustainable solution to the overcrowding of our schools? How will we become the anti-racist school district that we have committed to becoming? If elected to the School Committee, I will bring a fresh perspective to these important questions, rooted in best practice that reflects advances in the field of education.


Campaign Platform

As a School Committee member, I will stand for Innovation and Equity, especially across three priority areas:


  • Student Success

    • Partner with Superintendent Jette and Milton Education Association to execute the safe, equitable transition back to full to in-person school through the remainder of this year, and plan proactively for next year

    • Pursue equity-driven policies, budget, and strategic plan that support:

      • Integrated approach to Social Emotional Academic Development

      • Inclusive, anti-racist, rigorous, and engaging curriculum

      • Leveraging of technology for teaching and learning

      • Inclusion of special education students to maximum extent

      • Continued investment in excellence and equity in athletics and the arts

    • Address persistent opportunity gaps revealed by our student data

    • Expand success metrics beyond MCAS, SAT, college acceptance


  • Community Voice in Decision-Making

    • Engage in collaborative bargaining with unions

    • Welcome feedback from MPS students and families in creative new ways, creating new spaces for dialogue

    • Communicate clearly and directly with staff and community about successes and challenges

    • Work with Town Select Board, Warrant Committee, and Town Meeting so MPS can meet its goals within budget constraints


  • Sustainable Support and Transparent Accountability

    • Pursue transparent, fiscally responsible budgeting that aligns with district goals to support the outcomes we want

    • Support Superintendent Jette to meet high standards with clear outcomes - balance support with accountability

    • Maintain alignment between the strategic plan and budget to address key needs, including immediate solutions for the overcrowding of our schools while we work toward building a fifth elementary school

    • Create policy informed by data: for example, conduct climate assessments and use that data to inform changes to how the district engages with the community and supports student learning and wellbeing